Sales pages for course creators and coaches

Irresistible Sales pages for course creators and coaches

Getting a copywriter to write your sales page is the gift that keeps on giving.

You’ve sweated all the small details ahead of your launch.

You’ve got an email list as long as your arm, and you’re seeing traction with your funnel (and if you’re not, we can chat about that too…).

But now it’s time to ~seriously~ convert your hot leads.

You need a copywriter to create a stand-out sales page your dream audience can’t resist.

There’s plenty of secret sauce that goes into writing one.

We’re going to take your prospects on a journey that leaves them shouting SIGN ME UP AND TAKE MY MONEY NOW.



There are a lot of words involved in a launch. They can make or break your pipeline. Don’t leave it to chance.

I’ll get all the facts nailed down but I’ll weave them into a structured story that makes your ideal customers feel like you just *click* with each other.

When you invest in your business, it shows.

Your dream clients need a damn good sales page to make them part with their hard-earned cash, especially when the news is full of doom and gloom.

I’ll deliver you a surefire sales page with an average of 2,500-5,000 words. The length depends on the price of your product or service and the awareness of your audience.

It’s an epic piece of copywriting that will deliver results over and over again, even while you sleep.


Sales pages start from £1,200.
50% deposit in advance and the remaining 50% paid on completion.