Project Description

Wick Street Festival

The Brief

Charles got in touch because he had a vision.

He wanted to create a live event on his farm so 500 people could enjoy good music and great local food.

Some said he was mad. Others said, ‘How do I get my hands on tickets?’

He shouted: I better get a website!

Charles is a serial entrepreneur who specialises in helping brands break through in crowded marketplaces. 

He needed website copy that would introduce his brand new Sussex festival to a local audience. It had to give a nod to his vast knowledge of curating brand experiences and ultimately drive ticket purchases with his target audience.

The Process

After lots of research, both within local music events and food festivals, I created three customer avatars so Charles had a clear understanding of who he needed to target (baby boomers, empty nesters and younger Gen X couples who want a child-free weekend).

Weaving ‘small but mighty’ as the lead key message throughout the copy, I stamped authority all over the website.

Telling stories that resonate with the target market, I painted a picture of what the festival entails and how it’ll feel to attend. Boutique without being boujee and recreating one of those nights when you sit around a table with friends and the laughter (and wine) just flows freely.

You can read the full website copy here

Charles said:

“Highly organised, a breeze to work with and creative as well as focussed, budget-aware and original. Couldn’t be happier with the website Fay helped us create for a new festival.”