Vicki Marinker Career Coach

The brief

Vicki is a career coach who works with professionals in the PR and comms sector. After creating a value-packed lead magnet, she’s grown a healthy email list but has only sent sporadic newsletters.

She struggled to find time to write a welcome sequence but knew she was missing this crucial part of her email strategy. 

So she got in touch to discuss how she could better serve her list and increase conversions using her nurture funnel. Vicki was acutely aware that she wanted to always come across as being helpful and avoid any type of ‘hard-sell’. Luckily she found the right copywriter to work with…

The process

I really enjoyed getting under the skin of Vicki’s dream clients. We worked together on the key areas she wanted to highlight about her distinct type of coaching and agreed on a 6-part welcome email sequence. 

I shared a storyboard containing each email topic and then built out the copy from there. The focus was on absolute empathy and understanding the challenging situations her prospects could be facing right now. 

By highlighting all the benefits of Vicki’s coaching, relating her personal experiences and demonstrating how she draws on those when coaching, I was able to write a compelling email journey.

The results

Vicki loved her emails and decided that alongside a welcome sequence, she would repurpose the copy and use it in her revamped weekly newsletters to her existing list. Her emails have been achieving an average 67% open rate and 13% click-thru rate, which is phenomenal.

You can view the full sequence by clicking here

“Fay came to the rescue when I needed help with my email marketing.

There’s a knack to writing compelling emails and newsletters, and I didn’t have it. Fay on the other hand, is a copywriting maestro.

Her research is deep and thorough, getting under the skin of my business goals, my ideal client profile, my personality and tone of voice.

She’s also lovely!

I thoroughly recommend talking to Fay about your marketing.”