launch funnels for course creators and coaches

launch funnels for course creators and coaches

3 day weeks? More time to spend with your family? let’s make it happen.

Nobody wants to spend their life glued to their laptop.

You’ve designed an amazing programme but now you’re struggling to create all the marketing assets you need to make the launch a success.

You’re working around the clock and any excitement you had is being eaten up by the overwhelm…

…That’s the never-ending cycle course creators and coaches find themselves living.

Well, future client, I’m here to tell you there is an easier way!

You’ve probably heard of funnels and you might have even dabbled with trying to build one yourself.

A marketing funnel is hands down the best way to put your sign-ups and sales on autopilot, so you can step away from the daily grind.

shoot for the stars with a 30 day launch package

If your last launch failed to take-off as you hoped, it’s likely you had a leaky funnel.

If your email open rates were lower than you expected, you need a strategy to connect and convert your audience.

If your sales page attracted lots of eyeballs but the cash register sat gathering dust, you need copy that grabs your prospects by the cahoonas and reels them in.

I can fix it so you can do it 10x better next time around.

Shoot For The Stars is my signature 30 day launch funnel package. You get everything outlined below, delivered in 30 days for £4,499

(Rocket fuel is extra).

120 minutes split over two calls to explore everything about your product and launch.

We’ll cover your target audience, discuss your brand and tone of voice, cover all the timings and work out what assets you need to make your launch a huge success.

It’s also a great opportunity for us to share ideas and brainstorm areas that you might not have thought about. I bring my experience from helping other coaches and creatives launch their offers so can fill in any gaps you have.

You’ll get everything captured in a tracker to keep the project in line and on time.

It’ll show all the timings, all the assets and when they need to be sent plus funnel maps showing how everything connects.

You’ll come to love it as your launch bible!

I’ll write copy for an opt-in page so you can capture email addresses for all your target customers.

Using a clear and concise hook, your audience will want to be front of the queue when you start releasing info about your new product launch.

I can optimise your page and integrate a form that syncs with your CRM tool (e.g. ActiveCampaign).

This page becomes the trigger for your funnel automation and kick-starts your campaign!

A series of 6-8 (depending on your audience awareness levels) emails that move your prospects down through your funnel.

These emails are written after extensive background research into your audience. This means I fully understand what motivates them and what problem we can help them solve with your offer.

A long-form sales page that tips your prospects over from ‘i’m definitely interested in this…’ to ‘omg i’ve got to have it, sign me up now!’

This is the core part of your campaign and where I spend most time writing for you.

The page delivers all the benefits of your product and overcomes any objections your audience might have.

As a funnel copywriter, I don’t just write your launch copy – I also build an automation to run your campaign.

I’m an ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit expert so those are my two main choices for building funnels. If you use other CRM software, we can have a chat about that.

I can automate your launch so you have a water tight funnel that moves your customers along and gives them a seamless experience with your brand.

The elements above are the foundations for your launch campaign. But you might want to think about adding some additional components, depending on the type of launch you’re planning:

  • Lead magnet – a free digital asset to entice your audience to sign-up to your email list.
  • Social media post and/or advert copy – this is useful if you want to build your list quickly, reach more people and promote your launch.
  • A welcome sequence – 6-10 emails to nurture your new email subscribers and introduce them to your world. This can be automated in a funnel to connect up to a lead magnet.
  • A webinar funnel – this is relevant if you’re planning to host a webinar or masterclass. I can create the assets and build you the funnel to host them.


Lead magnet & nurture funnel

Grow your email list with a high value opt-in bribe

Lead magnet & nurture funnel

This funnel builds your email list using an opt-in bribe or lead magnet. You’ll get a nurture sequence of emails that builds awareness, trust and brand affinity. Typically made up of 8-14 emails sent over a month to take your ideal customer on a journey and warm them to your business

Webinar funnel

Live or evergreen - automate your masterclass to deliver passive income

Webinar funnel

Very popular funnel used to promote your webinar and drive conversion to your course or program. Works best for offers under £2000. A webinar is your chance to wow your audience with your services. You can run them live – but they also work really well as an evergreen funnel. They’re a complex build but luckily for you, I can take care of that

Application funnel

Get the best students signed up for your course

Application funnel

The Queen of funnels! This is the real money maker. When you want to assess the suitability of students for your course and get the best people on board. Works best for offers between £2,000 and £20,000. I can also build a downsell funnel for students not quite right for your big-ticket offer.

All it takes is 5 steps to get your business funnel ready.

Grab my free checklist below to see if you’re good to go or need a little fine-tuning.

5 steps to get your business funnel ready. Let's go!

You're so close to supercharging your sales cycle! I'm excited for what's ahead of you...

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