Pulling your hair out because you’re

Struggling to convert your customers?

You’ve got a leaky funnel


You’ve got a leaky funnel

They said it would be easy.
They said if you build it, they will come.

They said a lot of things. And they turned out not to be true.

Running a business isn’t easy. Coaching is your forte, not marketing.

You’re not getting the conversions you expected, despite dedicating countless hours to promoting your programme.

You crossed your fingers and hoped things would improve but you’ve reached a point where enough is enough.

The lack of engagement on social media…

…the stagnant email list

…the low website traffic

…the even lower website conversions

… and the overwhelm at yet another marketing task to carry out…


You deserve to hit your revenue targets
and stop losing clients to competitors

If you’re going around in circles and your business is flailing, it’s time to press pause.

Stop wasting time trying to fix problems you don’t understand. Instead focus on the amazing coaching you provide.

Turn your efforts into growing and scaling your business and forget about the underwhelming last launch that knocked your confidence.

Now take a step back.

Allow another set of eyes to see things you’ve overlooked.

Share your concerns with an expert who offers practical guidance and actionable steps you can implement straight away.

After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

You offer help to your clients and show them how to find ways to move forwards and achieve their goals.

That’s exactly what you need to help your coaching business survive and grow.


I worked in PR for two decades. I created global campaigns to draw in consumers, build trust and likability before turning them into loyal advocates who returned time and time again.

Today I spend my time supporting coaches and course creators to better understand their sales funnels.

Along with copywriting, I’m able to analyse funnels and make real-time suggestions to improve their performance.

You’re busy with your clients. You’re not a marketing expert. But you are a business owner which means you have a funnel, whether you’re aware of it or not.

My job is to remove the overwhelm and make your funnel fun again! Often it’s about breaking down tasks into smaller chunks.

When you start to see how a funnel should work and all the elements that go into creating it, I promise it becomes less daunting.

And when you start to see it perform and generate results, you’ll become obsessed with nurturing it, adding new elements and building it further so your business can scale.

did you read a business book or try using a template you found online?

How did that work out for you? I’m guessing you probably gave up because you’re here!

Your funnel is unique to your business. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get your funnel back on track and deliver leads, conversions and customers.

In 3 steps, you’ll be armed with everything you need to tackle the leak in your funnel.

A Funnel Strategy Session is going to get to the bottom of your underperforming sales funnel and give you the answers you need to easily fix the leaks!


Click the boxes below to expand each section.

We’ll mine as much information as you can share, including social engagement, website visits, inbound enquiries, click through rates, open rates and a look at the copy you’re currently using across your funnels.

I’ll be researching behind the scenes to identify where you have leaks and how we can go about fixing them.

During our call, we’ll go through the questionnaire, and talk through ideas you can realistically implement yourself to improve your funnel’s performance

  1. I’ll share a completely bespoke document that breaks down everything we discussed and has actionable tasks you can complete to fix your funnel
  2. It’ll include assets you need, ideal timings to use them and funnel maps to show you how everything should work 
  3. If your leaks were due to weak copy, I’ll include some pointers to help you improve your conversions and make your copy more engaging and persuasive
  4. If you struggle with CRM software, we can focus on that and make the tech more manageable

I’ll be on hand for two weeks after your call to offer support via email.

It gives you reassurance that once you set about fixing your leak, you know I’m available if a questions pops up or you get stuck.

Fay came to the rescue when I needed help with my email marketing. There’s a knack to writing compelling emails and newsletters, and I didn’t have it. Fay, on the other hand, is a copywriting maestro. Her research is deep and thorough, getting under the skin of my business goals, my ideal client profile, my personality and tone of voice. The result is an email sequence with an open rate of 67% and a click-through rate of 13% – way above the industry average.

Vicki Marinker, Candid Career Coach

Your Funnel Strategy Session is an opportunity to move your coaching practice forward and fix what’s been holding back your growth.

But it goes way beyond that…

  • …It’s a fresh pair of eyes to come in and analyse what can be improved. I’m not distracted by everything else going on in your business. My job is to look at one issue with your funnel and give you a solution.

  • The opportunity to ask any questions – no matter how big or small. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so our call is a safe space for you to ask anything relating to your funnel.

  • Feel accountable and powered up with knowledge to implement solutions but do it on your own timeframe. You’ll have the tips you need, now it’s time to focus on putting them into practice.

  • Be reassured you’re working alongside someone who helps coaches and course providers every day with their copy and improving their funnel performance.

  • You get 2-4-1…as a copywriter and funnel strategist I can find flaws in both and provide solutions so they work in harmony.

  • Working with a consultant is tax deductible. This is training and you’re learning skills vital for the success of your business. The tax man recognises that too!

Launch offer

I created the Funnel Strategy Session to pack in as much value for clients who need a DIY option for their business.

Here’s what you get:

  • Research and pre-call prep work…worth £350

  • 60 minute call…worth £200

  • Strategy Playbook (approx. 10-15 page PDF)…worth £599

  • 2 weeks of email Q&A support…worth £250

Total value: £1675

But I’m not going to charge you that. I want to help as many coaches as possible with this offer.

So I’ve priced the Funnel Strategy Session at £749 (or $969 for my American friends)

But that’s not all I want to offer you with the Funnel Strategy Session…

…I have 20 years of PR experience under my belt. Ideas still fly into my head when I’m talking to clients and I’m happy to share them.

So as part of your session, I’ll also offer advice and guidance on brand PR and how you can raise your profile and increase the volume for your business.

  • BONUS! PR advice to help boost your brand…worth £375

I only have space in my calendar for two sessions per month.

So if you’re ready to book, click the button below to choose a time that works for you.

After clicking the button, you’ll hop over to my Calendly booking page.
Choose a time (allow at least 7 days) and you’ll receive an invoice, a questionnaire and next steps.

From the initial briefing to the final delivery, Fay’s expertise and guidance made the entire process a pleasure. Fay’s invaluable insights and support helped me redefine my ideal client’s journey on my webpages, allowing me to carve out compelling propositions tailored to their needs. Thanks to Fay, I kicked off 2023 with a crystal-clear direction and a deep understanding of my target customers – I’m looking forward to seeing what we can work together on next.

Amy Djamaluddin, jamjama Marketing


I try to make things as easy as possible.

  1. You choose a time that works for you and book via Calendly. Please pick a date at least 7 days in the future from the date you book.
  2. You’ll receive an invoice and your Funnel Strategy Session will be only be confirmed once payment is received.
  3. You’ll receive a questionnaire. You need to dedicate a good amount of time to complete this. The more info you give me, the better outcome you’ll get from your Session.
  4. You’ll also receive an email with next steps so everything is crystal clear and you feel prepared.

In short – you don’t.

I don’t offer refunds because if you’ve booked a Funnel Strategy Session you know it’s something you need to happen within your business. 

I’ll have blocked out my calendar to do all the pre-call prep research, your 60-minute call and the time I need afterwards to create your bespoke Playbook. 

Life happens so if you need to rearrange your Session, please use the link you received in your appointment confirmation email and choose a new time.

With the best will in the world, I can’t guarantee you results. I’ll give you all the tools to improve your funnel and move your business forward. If you don’t put all the steps I give you into practice, you won’t see a change. 

I can guarantee you’ll be fired up and want to act. When you learn what’s possible, you’ll want to dive in and make changes. 

It won’t be overwhelming. I’m approachable and so are my tips. Your Playbook is bespoke so I’ll make sure the content is delivered in a way that works for you.

Our time together is limited. I usually find I can focus on one large issue or a few smaller ones. I’ll always do my best to offer help across your funnel but please respect my time and know that I’ll go above and beyond where I can.

If I think you’d benefit from extra help – I’ll explain that. But it’s not usually the case.


The Funnel Strategy Sessions are for clients who are struggling to convert customers to their coaching offers.

This is my entry level offer and means I can help you if you’re not at a stage to hire me to write and build your funnel.

It’s highly likely that in a few months/years you will need help and you’ll know where to find me.

But these Sessions are designed so you can do-it-yourself right now, and benefit from my strategic help.


And remember to allow at least 7 days from today’s date.