EmailS to engage and entertain your audience while earning you £££s

EmailS to engage and entertain your audience while earning you £££s

Have you used all your brain power trying to think up clever Instagram captions?

Feeling exhausted even thinking about writing emails to your target market?

I hear you. Everyone feels the pressure to show up on social media.

Online marketing is vast and can feel pretty relentless when you’re a small business owner wearing ALL the hats.

But your email list is so important to your business. It’s 100% yours, and it converts into £s and $s way better than any Insta reel.



There’s so much more to emails than just bashing away at a keyboard. I’m an email strategist, which means I spend more time on research and strategy than actually writing. And that’s precisely how it should be.

Most people (you) want to skip ahead to the good part (the sassy email that’s going to boost your bottom line and win you hardcore fans). And that’s where I step in to help…

Kind words from clients

Kind words from clients

Fay came to the rescue when I needed help with my email marketing.

There’s a knack to writing compelling emails and newsletters, and I didn’t have it. Fay, on the other hand, is a copywriting maestro.

Her research is deep and thorough, getting under the skin of my business goals, my ideal client profile, my personality and tone of voice.

The result is an email sequence with an open rate of 67% and a click-through rate of 13% – way above the industry average.


  • Research is a non-negotiable when it comes to successful email sequences. I conduct interviews and/or surveys, analyse the copy and performance of your current emails, and look at your top competitors. The aim is to generate messaging that is irresistible to your customers and gets them invested in your brand from day one.

  • Next up is strategic planning and storyboarding. Using all my research findings, I refine your messaging and start plotting how to deliver it across your email sequence. I’ll share a storyboard with you so you can see the process – and logic – that goes into creating epic emails.

  • It’s time to start copywriting emails in your brand voice, using your tone and unique personality, but I 10x it to really create an impact. Everything from subject lines, preview text, CTAs and open loops galore – they’ll all be delivered to you in a clearly structured copy deck via Google Docs.

All that’s left for you to do is copy and paste into your email software and hit send.

But that’s not really it. Without sounding like a stalker, you don’t get rid of me that easily.

I’m going to check in after a week to see how your emails are performing. If you prefer to hand access over to me, I’ll go through your data directly and see if I can make any tweaks to boost open or click-thru rates.

What can I say? I’m a data nerd at heart, and I want to see your campaigns deliver amazing results.


Welcome sequence

Emails to welcome and nurture

Welcome sequence

An evergreen series of emails for new sign-ups to welcome them into your world. We build awareness, trust and an affinity with your brand. Think of these as your first-date emails

Launch campaigns

Emails for key moments

Launch campaigns

These launch emails focus on driving your audience towards a purchase. It’s all about strategy, conversion and building funnels to automate the sales process. The emails are complemented with additional revenue-boosting copy tactics like stellar sales pages and webinar scripts.


Starting from £1,999 for an 7-part welcome sequence. Includes building a funnel automation.

Email is a brilliant marketing tool.

Don’t let it overwhelm you.

Instead, outsource it to a freelance copywriter.

Say goodbye and good riddance to spraying and praying.

Brief me on your current email challenges, and I’ll give you copy packed to the rafters with personality, clarity and authenticity. Your customers (and you) are going to love them.

Then, let’s be honest, you can get back to the important jobs like dancing around your office and pointing at imaginary text boxes…(I do love Instagram, really)