Funnel copywriting for coaches & creatives looking to launch, sell and scale.



Funnel copywriting for
coaches & creatives looking to
launch, sell and scale.



A sales funnel takes your customers on a journey.
Copywriting makes it a 5-star tell-all-your-friends trip they’ll want to take again and again.

When you need to build awareness and drive desire you’ll find my conversational and jargon-free
funnel copy delivers you loyal customers.

We start at the top of the funnel with emails and ads to warm your audience to your brand.
There’s some landing pages in the middle, before they finally slide to the bottom and we reveal your sales page.

You might need a complete sales funnel. Or you might just need some emails as you start to scale.
We can chat about that and figure out what makes most sense for your business right now.

Why me? Well, I spent 20+ years designing PR campaigns for global challenger brands,
so you get punchy, persuasive copy that makes you irresistible to your audience.

Want to know more? Click the boxes below, and let’s
turn your online words into money-making actions.




Working with a FUNNEL copywriter

Working with a sales funnel copywriter

  • Getting your knickers in a twist over your social ads?

  • Wondering what the heck to write in your marketing emails?

  • Struggling to launch your awesome course because you can’t find the words to sell it?

STOP RIGHT NOW! (thank you very much).

Outsourcing to a freelance funnel copywriter allows you to focus on actually running your gig, while an expert (*waves hello*) breathes life into your ideas.

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who need copywriting for their sales funnel. They want to capture the attention of their customers and turn them into adoring fans.

Some clients own whip-smart consumer products and services. Others run game-changing creative consultancies and coaching practices, which help others thrive.



Do you want to:

  • Build trust and advocacy with your audience?

  • Increase engagement with your content and see your customers coming back again and again?

  • Turn clicks into lucrative actions?

Of course you do. What business owner wouldn’t want results like these.

Now ~ I know what you’re going to say ~ writing about your own business and brand is tough.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience is impossible when you’re so close to it.

Well, luckily for you, I love putting on different shoes. I’ve been known to wear start-up stilettos, social media strategist socks and sandals, beauty booking boots, festival wellies, photographer plimsolls and career coach Converse.

Ok, enough with the clients-as-footwear analogy. I know you get it.

If you want to be my next pair of kicks, hit the contact button below.

Boost your profit with funnel copywriting that converts

How copywriting helps grow your business

As your funnel copywriter, I find out as much as I can about your business. But I find out even more about your ideal customer.

Audiences today demand authenticity. They need to feel a connection with your brand.

Quite simply; people buy from people.

So we build a magnetic relationship and position your product or service as the solution they’ve been looking for.

Every word I write is in your unique brand voice. It’s full of your energy and enthusiasm but has my persuasive magic dust sprinkled on top.


Fay came to the rescue when I needed help with my email marketing.

There’s a knack to writing compelling emails and newsletters, and I didn’t have it. Fay on the other hand, is a copywriting maestro.

Her research is deep and thorough, getting under the skin of my business goals, my ideal client profile, my personality and tone of voice.

The result is an email sequence with an open rate of 67% and a click through rate of 13% – way above the industry average.

She’s also lovely!

I thoroughly recommend talking to Fay about your marketing.

Vicki, Founder, Candid Career Coach

Highly organised, a breeze to work with and creative as well as focussed, budget-aware and original. Couldn’t be happier with the website Fay helped us create for a new festival.

Charles, Founder, Naked Vine Ltd

Your About Me page is the second most read page on your website and I really needed professional help to write mine. Working with Fay was a really deep and thorough process where she worked with me to learn my tone of voice, my ideal client that I am speaking to, various drafts and crucially her skill of stripping away what is not important. Fay’s additional tips and advice was also incredibly helpful and I’m really appreciative of her care and attention to detail. I can highly recommend working with Fay – she is fabulous!

Yolande de Vries, Yolande de Vries Photography

Working with Fay on my web pages has been a pure delight. Fay was able to decipher who I was looking to attract and discussed my propositions to finer detail which left me really getting under the skin of their needs and requirements. Something I always needed to do but time and client requirements always left my own marketing at the bottom of things to do.

From the initial briefing to the final delivery, Fay’s expertise and guidance made the entire process a pleasure. Fay’s invaluable insights and support helped me redefine my ideal client’s journey on my webpages, allowing me to carve out compelling propositions tailored to their needs. Thanks to Fay, I kicked off 2023 with a crystal-clear direction and a deep understanding of my target customers – I’m looking forward to seeing what we can work together on next.

Amy Djamaluddin, jamjama Marketing

I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Fay Jennings on my sales page and website home page copy.
Fay showed up strong from day one with a creativity, respect and professionalism that is hard to come by.

I felt well taken care of by Fay, and enjoyed the asynchronous and collaborative approach that got me from a barely serviceable website with no sales flow, to a well thought through narrative that spoke directly to my ideal client while also reflecting the values and principles that I can stand behind.

In particular, Fay has an uncanny ability to synthesis from my posts, podcasts, existing copy, and interviews and surveys with me a clear and compelling brand identity that jumps out from the page.

I would strongly recommend Fay if you’re serious about your business and want to have an expert help you reach your audience with professional and creative copy that converts.

Nicholas Whitaker, Nicholas Whitaker Coaching